My large paintings celebrate and affirm all of life on Earth.  They require space and some time for contemplation.  They serve to inspire and to heal.  They are at home in business and hotel lobbies, hospitals, large homes, churches, office lounges, rest homes and any place healing is desired.

Many of the paintings in the galleries are avaiable for purchase.  Prices range from one to five thousand dollars for a large single panel  (Example: 44” X 54”), to several thousands for multi-panels, depending upon overall size.  For information please contact me at

Heal and transform the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.

-Master Zhi Gang Sha


I am blessed with the privilege of leading a Power of Soul group in Southern California.  These groups offer opportunities to learn, practice and receive soul healing teachings and blessings based on the teachings of Master Zhi Gang Sha.  As a certified teacher, I will share the power of soul knowledge, wisdom, and practice to help advance your soul healing and enlightenment journey.

For Information please check:,  proceed to EVENTS and then to POWER OF SOUL GROUPS WORLDWIDE.

You may also contact me directly at

Syracuse Zen Center was where my spiritual journey developed and flourished. My deepest gratitude to my teacher, Shinge Roshi Sherry Chayat..

Painting from the Source,  led by Aviva Gold, was a wonderful experience for me. I highly recommend these workshops for healing and discovering your inner Self.  You will find more information at: