Who am I?

    Living into my seventh decade, I look back on my life’s journey with tremendous gratitude for the blessings and gifts I have received from the Divine, the Universal Consciousness, the Cosmos, God.

    As I review my art, my book, and my paintings, I see the unfolding of a clear path and a very clear purpose.  My art reveals my soul at work (the healing of a wounded personality, while at the same time expressing a love for life with all its beauty as well as its pain).  I have become aware that my  search for creative expression was also my search for personal connection to the Divine. It all comes together in the  processes of  painting.

    I called the earliest series of paintings, “The Family.”  They are of my parents, siblings, husband, and children.  As a young mother, my children provided me with endless subject matter and situations. Family  members were almost always embedded in a scene of Nature, for I have always believed that human beings are merely part of the Oneness of all of Nature.  I also discovered my own sense of color which I experience as a wonderful gift from the Universe.

    In the 1970’s, I fell in love with Islamic patterning.  To me, its ordered and precise graphic depictions represented Divine Geometry, mathematical symbols of Heaven’s order.  These patterns also symbolized the energy and substance that make up the universe.  Paintings of the universe demand to be large in scale.  As a small woman of barely five feet, I found that working in multi-panels, each panel only as large as my arm span, was a way to fulfil this demand.

    Next, my searching mind and eyes alighted upon photographs of Nature as seen through the scanning electron microscope. My initial exposure to this type of imagery came in C. P. Gilmore’s book, “The Unseen Universe.”  I found his work extremely fascinating.  His photographs drew me into a whole new reality from whence I began my Nature and Butterfly series.  Although three-quarters of all animal species are insects, few people consider insects worthy of much attention.  Yet, without them humankind could not survive.  One of God’s most beautiful and exquisite creatures moves from egg, to  caterpillar, to chrysalis, to delicate winged creature.  Lepidoptera dazzles us with endless varieties of species and colors, and serves as a metaphor for our own transformation.  We all love butterfly.

    Following a show in Taiwan, I began to paint directly from my soul.  These paintings are in the Shamanic gallery.

    Painting took a back seat while I wrote my first book, “The Woman Radical: How the Chinese Language Defines Women.”  It is filled with calligraphy I stylized specifically for this work.  Writing, producing, and publishing the  book helped to heal one of my deepest wounds and open channels to the healing of other wounds.  May it serve to heal others who share similar wounds.

    Today I see myself as a mother, grandmother, crone, teacher, healer, goddess and dakini - in other words, a woman who recognizes and accepts all aspects of herself, aspects that every woman embodies.

    Traditionally, Chinese culture valued longevity not for the sake of a long life itself, but for the time,  space and effort necessary to cultivate true self-knowledge.  At this time I realize that age is a state of mind. If one has cared for and valued one’s sacred temple, life and learning continues until the soul decides to go home. I still have much to learn, to discover, to cultivate, to love.  Life is an amazing adventure and I look forward  to whatever is around the next bend in the road. This is truly a Divine Journey.

Original video was made in 1994 at the Goethe Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan. This abridged version  will give you some idea of my thought process as well as my passion for Nature. Many of the paintings shown in this video are in private collections.